Raft Calendar - For couples and close friends

The easy and fun way to share plans and find time together

A calendar made for you and your closest ones.

Raft is a fun way to plan your life by connecting your calendar to your partner and close friends and making it easy to add beautiful images and GIFs to the things you're planning.

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Words about Raft

Below you can see some of the things that's been written about us but the important thing is of course what our users think. Read more on our App Store page.

"Raft simply makes creating and sharing events enjoyable."

"Raft is a gorgeous, useful app that makes it super easy for you to share your calendar"

"Planning can actually be fun, if you do it on Raft"

Start sharing your calendar now!

Events from calendars on your iPhone, such as the one from work, are visible in Raft and you can in one tap choose to share specific events with your partner or your friends.

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